"Reflections of Tragedy: The Drowning Girls"

I am thrilled to unveil my upcoming theatre project, “Reflections of Tragedy: The Drowning Girls,” a
powerful and thought-provoking play by Canadian playwrights Daniella Vlaskalic, Beth Graham, and
Charlie Tomlinson. Based on the chilling real-life events of the Brides in the Bath murders that
occurred in London between 1912 and 1915, this production aims to delve into profound themes of
feminism, violence against women, and societal perceptions.

Central to this production is the innovative use of mirrors to create a unique and immersive
experience for the audience. Mirrors have long symbolized introspection and self-reflection, and
they will be skilfully incorporated into the staging and set design to place the audience within the
narrative. By breaking the fourth wall and inviting the audience to witness their own reactions and
emotional responses, we aim to foster a deeper connection to the themes explored in the play.

Through the haunting stories of the three women who fell victim to these heinous crimes, we will
shine a light on the systemic oppression and violence faced by women at the hands of men during
that time period and, unfortunately, in the present day as well. The play will serve as a poignant
reflection on the enduring struggle for gender equality and the urgent need to address the ongoing
challenges faced by women in society.

By juxtaposing the historical context with contemporary parallels, we aim to engage the audience in
a dialogue about the progress made in the fight against gender-based violence and the work that still
needs to be done. This production will serve as a catalyst for introspection, empathy, and advocacy,
encouraging audiences to question societal norms and contribute to a more equitable and safer
world for all.

“Reflections of Tragedy: The Drowning Girls” invites us to confront uncomfortable truths, challenge
ingrained biases, and foster collective action towards a more just and compassionate society.
Through the transformative power of theatre, we hope to inspire meaningful change and contribute
to ongoing conversations about feminism, violence against women, and the imperative for social