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Based on the 'brides in the bath' murders on London in the early 20th century. The Drowning Girls was held at The Bridge House Theatre Last November. We are pleased to say the shows were all sold out and we recieved amazing reviews. Thank you to our audiences!
Drama classes in Romford


oliday workshops will be held throughout the year for anyone who is interested to join and experience theatre arts and many other performance related workshops conducted by specialized coaches. 

  • Easter Workshops £120 per day (4hrs) – A combination of art, craft and drama workshop running once a week from  9.30am – 1.30 PM. Contact for detals: 07424436773. 


Having acquainted ourselves with the power of virtual learning since lockdown 2020, our students will be offered virtual lessons by coaches from around the world.  We hope this will open up more opportunities for Cue students to collaborate with students overseas.  

  • Coach Jacky from London, is a writer of fiction and children’s stories.
  • Coach Audrey and Katie from Milwaukee are a part of a theatre company that specializes in accessible theatre for all.
  • Coach Gillian from Ireland is the founder of her own theatre company for children and a playwright.
  • Lesson with Broadway performer
  • Lessons with students from Wales and Norwich UK

At Cue we don’t only learn about theatre but feel it’s important to visit theatres and go see plays onstage to understand how it all works. 

Radio play’s are challenging but proposes its benefits for children who are shy to perform in front of an audience.  It also explores the magic of sound effects and gives students the opportunity to be creative and imaginative.  These plays will be recorded and made available online. 

Click the link below to listen to our latest Radio Play on soundlcoud


"Thank you Cue Theatre group for felicitating my work. My Heartiest Congratulations & Blessings are always with you." ~ 2015.02.21~

Yashoda  Wimaladharma

Film and Tele-drama Actress
Audience member of the production OUR TOWN 2015
Yashoda Wimaladharma acted as “Emily Webb”in “Our Town” in 1989

"Ranga Jayaratne is clearly an excellent director." ~ 2023.011.14~

Sardines Magazine Review


"I’ve worked with Cue on every single production from 2012 to date. And what I experienced at Cue over the years was beyond any I’ve had before. The cast and crew were so well bonded like a family. Cue is one of few places where anyone can grow and will grow, both as an individual and as a person. Because everyone, even someone with zero theatre experience, gets a chance to prove their talent in the spotlight. That is what makes Cue more than just a drama school or a theatre company. Its home."
Lahiru Fernando (2012 - Present)
Director and Co-founder Mad Labs
"Ranga akki, with her warm-hearted nature, really helped me break out of my shell as an extremely shy kid into someone who can give a speech in public any day, any time and not be afraid of it. Little things like these have made it so easy to ace my post-grad exams and progress in my career! Not to mention being her student was a ball of fun and something I’d cherish for years to come."
Supuni Dharmasena (2012 - Present)
Investment Research Associate -
CIMA passed finalist, CIMA Global Island prize winner
"We were the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the quiet ones, the not so quiet ones later down the line, the found ones, the round ones that didn’t fit in the squares, the ones that didn’t really fit in anywhere else either. What do you get when you put a bunch like that together? Memories happy and sad worth a lifetime I’d say. Somethings you will remember forever, like the first day you walked into a certain classroom with no clue of what to expect but the laughter and shouts with Smiling faces welcomed you. Now it all seems like yesterday and you’re glad you were there."
Chathuranga Gunathillake
Student of Ranga from (2006 – 2015) Certified performer in Speech and Drama, Ballroom and Latin American dance champion, Performs with renowned choirs in Sri Lanka, Masters in information security from the University of Colombo, Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Stratford University, UK
"When I look back as a mom I’m very satisfied with the decision I made to enroll my son in Ranga’s class. Today he is a very confident young man with high level proficiency and communication skills thanks to Ranga. She not only taught my son Speech and Drama, she also used unique teaching techniques and enhanced all her students in team work and collaboration. She organized dramas which have helped groom my son in to being an effective person today. Also I’m very grateful for the network of friends he has made by being in her class for over 10 years."
Anoma De Silva
Parent of Mohith De Silva, Student of Ranga from (2004 – 2015)

Academic Plans & Lesson Structure

2022 – 2023

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