As a theatre maker I’ve always been fascinated by the power of theatre to connect people and
foster a sense of community. With each new project I undertake, my goal is to create an
environment that facilitates this connection, working with diverse casts and cultivating a safe space
for artists to share and grow.

Throughout my career, I have explored a wide range of theatrical styles and genres, from large-scale
musicals to minimalist play, from outdoor performances to ghost plays and children’s plays. I thrive
on the variety and diversity that each project brings, always seeking elements that draw me in,
whether it’s the compelling storyline, the theatricality, the commercial potential, or simply the
inspiration it sparks within me.

One aspect of theatre that I particularly enjoy is the creation of symbolic and aesthetic stage-set
designs. I find immense satisfaction in crafting visual environments that enhance and enrich the
storytelling process. Additionally, I have experience staging shows in non-traditional theatre spaces,
harnessing the unique qualities of each venue to create immersive and engaging experiences for the

As a theatre maker, I am driven by the desire to connect people, create transformative experiences, and provide a platform for artistic growth and expression. Through teaching, directing, and exploring the diverse realms of theatre, I aim to make a positive impact on both the artists involved and the audiences we engage.